Where HCI Meets AI

26th Annual Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

Virtually Hosted by Texas A&M University

April 13-17, 2021

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  • Late - Apr 17, 2021

Welcome to ACM IUI 2021!

This year's conference will be completely virtual using Whova. Find out more by clicking here

ACM IUI 2021 is the 26th annual meeting of the intelligent interfaces community and serves as a premier international forum for reporting outstanding research and development on intelligent user interfaces. ACM IUI is where the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) community meets the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community. We are also very interested in contributions from related fields, such as psychology, behavioral science, cognitive science, computer graphics, design, the arts, etc.

Human-Centered AI: Reliable, Safe and Trustworthy

Ben Shneiderman, PhD

This 3-hour tutorial proposes a new synthesis, in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are combined with human-centered thinking to make Human-Centered AI (HCAI). This approach combines research on AI algorithms with user experience design methods to shape technologies that amplify, augment, empower, and enhance human performance. Researchers and developers for HCAI systems value meaningful human control, putting people first by serving human needs, values, and goals.

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ACM IUI 2021 will be held virtually and hosted by Texas A&M University.