IUI '16 Companion- Companion Publication of the 21st International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

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Workshop on Emotion and Visualization: EmoVis 2016

SCWT: A Joint Workshop on Smart Connected and Wearable Things


Evaluating Intelligent User Interfaces with User Experiments


Tracing Temporal Changes of Selection Criteria from Gaze Information

Projecting Recorded Expert Hands at Real Size, at Real Speed, and onto Real Objects for Manual Work

Environment Specific Content Rendering & Transformation

The Lifeboard: Improving Outcomes via Scarcity Priming

Human-Autonomy Teaming and Agent Transparency

STEPS: A Spatio-temporal Electric Power Systems Visualization

Fixation-to-Word Mapping with Classification of Saccades

Enhancing Interactivity with Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

Designing SmartSignPlay: An Interactive and Intelligent American Sign Language App for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and their Families

Learning Objects Authoring Supported by Ubiquitous Learning Environments

Computational Methods for the Natural and Intuitive Visualization of Volumetric Medical Data

Spatio-temporal Event Visualization from a Geo-parsed Microblog Stream

Dealing with Concept Drift in Exploratory Search: An Interactive Bayesian Approach

From Textual Instructions to Sensor-based Recognition of User Behaviour

Sleeve Sensing Technologies and Haptic Feedback Patterns for Posture Sensing and Correction


Heady-Lines: A Creative Generator Of Newspaper Headlines

PASSAGE: A Travel Safety Assistant with Safe Path Recommendations for Pedestrians

An Intelligent Musical Rhythm Variation Interface

Easy Navigation through Instructional Videos using Automatically Generated Table of Content

Semantic Sketch-Based Video Retrieval with Autocompletion

ScopeG: A Mobile Application for Exploration and Comparison of Personality Traits

SESSION: Student Consortium

Facilitating Safe Adaptation of Interactive Agents using Interactive Reinforcement Learning

Usable Privacy in Location-Sharing Services

Improving Interactions with Spatial Context-aware Services

Dynamic Online Computerized Neuropsychological Testing System

Visual Text Analytics for Online Conversations: Design, Evaluation, and Applications

Gaze and Foot Input: Toward a Rich and Assistive Interaction Modality

Adaptive User and Haptic Interfaces for Smart Assessment and Training

Intelligent Interface for Organizing Online Social Opinions on Reddit

ChordRipple: Adaptively Recommending and Propagating Chord Changes for Songwriters

Assessing Empathy through Mixed Reality

Exploring the Development of Spatial Skills in a Video Game

Understanding and Intervening Communicational Behavior using Artificial Intelligence