IUI'18- Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces Companion

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Automatic Tweet Detection based on Data Specified through News Production

Gesture-based Mobile Communication System Providing Side-by-side Shopping Feeling

Computer Vision Based and FPRank Based Tag Recommendation for Social Popularity Enhancement

Support System to Review Manufacturing Workshop through Multiple Videos

Chatbot: A Chatbot for Business Card Management

Cylindrical M-sequence Markers and its Application to AR Fitting System for Kimono Obi

Search Interface for Deep Thinking

User Behaviour Analysis in a Simulated IoT Augmented Space

Implementation of an Interactive System for the Translation of Lyrics

VisPod: Content-Based Audio Visual Navigation

MindScribe: Toward Intelligently Augmented Interactions in Highly Variable Early Childhood Environments

Interactive Online Shopping with Personalized Robot Agent

Development of a Tsunami Evacuation Behavior Simulation System with Massive Evacuation Agents

Development of a Horror Game that Route Branches by the Player's Pulse Rate

Detecting Utterance Scenes of a Specific Person

Exploring the Universe of Egregious Conversations in Chatbots

Ether-Toolbars: Evaluating Off-Screen Toolbars for Mobile Interaction

Augmented-Genomics: Protecting Privacy for Clinical Genomics with Inferential Interfaces

Medical 3D Images in Multimodal Virtual Reality

(author)rise: Artificial Intelligence Output Via the Human Body

Automated Assistance for Creative Writing with an RNN Language Model

Frame of Mind: Using Storytelling for Speech-Based Clustering of Family Pictures

Olfactory and Visual Presentation Using Olfactory Display Using SAW Atomizer and Solenoid Valves

VocabChecker: Measuring Language Abilities for Detecting Early Stage Dementia

Visual Analytics of Organizational Performance Network

Language Density Driven Route Navigation System for Pedestrians based on Twitter Data

Flufy: Recyclable and Edible Rapid Prototyping using Fluffed Sugar

Fluid UI for HIGH-dimensional Analysis of Social Networks

SHARKZOR: Human in the Loop ML for User-Defined Image Classification


SinkAmp: Interactive Sink to Detect Living Habits for Healthcare and Quality of Life

Cursor Entropy Reveals Decision Fatigue

Supporting a Children's Workshop with Machine Translation

Egocentric Video Multi-viewer for Analyzing Skilled Behaviors based on Gaze Object

Convolutional Matrix Factorization for Recommendation Explanation

A Deep Learning Based Method For 3D Human Pose Estimation From 2D Fisheye Images

A Recommender System based on Detected Users' Complaints by Analyzing Reviews

Impression-based Fabrication: A Framework to Reflect Personal Preferences in the Fabrication Process

Information Display Method to Give the Non-Mechanical Impression by Imitating the Communication with Pets

A Configurable and Contextually Expandable Interactive Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) for Chinese Children with Autism

Providing Adaptive and Personalized Visual Support based on Behavioral Tracking of Children with Autism for Assessing Reciprocity and Coordination Skills in a Joint Attention Training Application

Can You Help Me without Knowing Much?: Exploring Cued-Knowledge Sharing for Instructors' Tutorial Generation

Customizing User Experience with Adaptive Virtual Reality

On the Expression of Agent Emotions in Customer Support Dialogs in Social Media

Omni-Gesture: A Hand Gesture Interface for Omnidirectional Devices

Assessing Cognitive Workload on Printed and Electronic Media using Eye-Tracker and EDA Wristband

Trusting Strangers in Immersive Virtual Reality

Spatio-Temporal Visualization of Tweet Data around Tokyo Disneyland Using VR

An Intelligent User Interface for Efficient Semi-automatic Transcription of Historical Handwritten Documents

ActiveMap: Visual Analysis of Temporal Activity in Social Media Sites

Gaze Data Clustering and Analysis

Using Spatialized Audio to Improve Human Spatial Knowledge Acquisition in Virtual Reality

Muscle-Wire Glove: Pressure-Based Haptic Interface

How Personal Experience and Technical Knowledge Affect Using Conversational Agents

WAIVS: An Intelligent Interface for Visual Stylometry Using Semantic Workflows

Pair Matching: Transdisciplinary Study for Introducing Computational Intelligence to Guide Dog Associations

The Effects of Virtual Agents' Characteristics on User Impressions and Language Use

Automatic Generation of Natural Language Explanations

Personality-Aware Decision Making In Educational Learning

Explaining Social Recommendations to Casual Users: Design Principles and Opportunities

In Tandem: Exploring Interactive Opportunities for Dual Input and Output on Two Smartwatches

An Intelligent Educational Platform for Training Spatial Visualization Skills

Dynamic Path Planning of Flying Projector Considering Collision Avoidance with Observer and Bright Projection

Scenario Context v/s Framing and Defaults in Managing Privacy in Household IoT

BoTest: a Framework to Test the Quality of Conversational Agents Using Divergent Input Examples