TiiS and Accepted Papers

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Long Papers

When People and Algorithms Meet: Assessing User-reported Problems to Inform Support in Intelligent Everyday Applications

Contact: Eiband, Malin

Peripheral Vision: A New Killer App for Smart Glasses

Contact: Braud, Tristan

Who Should Be My Teammates: Using A Conversational Agent to Understand Individual Differences and Help Teaming

Contact: Xiao, Ziang

What can AI do for me: Evaluating Machine Learning Interpretations in Cooperative Play

Contact: Feng, Shi

Prediction of Music Pairwise Preferences from Facial Expressions

Contact: Tkalcic, Marko

Vajra: Step-by-step programming with natural language

Contact: Schlegel, Viktor

Assessing Public Perception of Self-Driving Cars: the Autonomous Vehicle Acceptance Model

Contact: Hewitt, Charlie

Transformer: A Database-Driven Approach to Generating Forms for Constrained Interaction

Contact: Rahman, Protiva

Inferencing Underspecified Natural Language Utterances in Visual Analysis

Contact: Setlur, Vidya

Scene Text Access: A Comparison of Mobile OCR Modalities for Blind Users

Contact: Manduchi, Roberto

Learning to Assess the Quality of Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises

Contact: Lee, Min Hun

The Effect of Explanations and Algorithmic Accuracy on Visual Recommender Systems of Artistic Images

Contact: Dominguez, Vicente

Atlas: Local Graph Exploration in a Global Context

Contact: Hohman, Fred

Do I Trust My Machine Teammate? An Investigation from Perception to Decision

Contact: Yu, Kun

Walking with Adaptive Augmented Reality Workspaces: Design and Usage Patterns

Contact: Lages, Wallace

Effects of the Source of Advice and Decision Task on Decisions to Request Expert Advice

Contact: Sutherland, Steven

Towards Rapid Interactive Machine Learning: Evaluating Tradeoffs of Classification without Representation

Contact: Arendt, Dustin

Background Perception and Comprehension of Symbols Conveyed through Vibrotactile Wearable Displays

Contact: Luzhnica, Granit

The Role of User Differences in Customization: A Case Study in Personalization for Infovis-Based Content

Contact: Lalle, Sebastien

CoSummary: Adaptive Fast-Forwarding for Surgical Videos by Detecting Collaborative Scenes Using Hand Regions and Gaze Positions

Contact: Sugimoto, Maki

Evaluating Narrative-Driven Movie Recommendations on Reddit

Contact: Eberhard, Lukas

BigBlueBot: Teaching Strategies for Successful Human-Agent Interactions

Contact: Weisz, Justin

Flux Capacitors for JavaScript DeLoreans: Approximate Caching for Physics-based Data Interaction

Contact: Khan, Meraj Ahmed

Discovering Natural Language Commands in Multimodal Interfaces

Contact: Srinivasan, Arjun

Community-Empowered Mobile Smell Reporting System

Contact: Hsu, Yen-Chia

What Data Should I Protect? A Recommender and Impact Analysis Design to Assist Decision Making

Contact: Li, Tianyi

Investigating the Feasibility of Finger Identification on Capacitive Touchscreens using Deep Learning

Contact: Le, Huy Viet

MyoSign: Enabling End-to-End Sign Language Recognition with Wearables

Contact: Zhang, Qian

Rasch-based Tailored Goals for Nutrition Assistance Systems

Contact: Schaefer, Hanna

ShopEye: Fusing RFID and Smartwatch for Multi-relation Excavation in Physical stores

Contact: Zhang, Qian

Inspiration Driven Experience Transfer

Contact: Srinivasan, Balaji Vasan

Portrait Sleuth: Combining Human Expertise andFace Recognition to Identify Historical Portraits

Contact: Mohanty, Vikram

StoryPrint: an Interactive Visualization of Stories

Contact: Kapadia, Mubbasir

Digital Survivor of Sexual Assault

Contact: Artstein, Ron

Decision Making Strategies Differ in the Presence of Collaborative Explanations: Two Conjoint Studies

Contact: Zanker, Markus

Popup: Reconstructing 3D Video Using Particle Filtering to Aggregate Crowd Responses

Contact: Song, Jean

Personalized Explanations for Hybrid Recommender Systems

Contact: Kouki, Pigi

Avoiding the Drill-down Fallacy with Storyboard: Assisted and Accelerated Data Exploration Through Data Subsets

Contact: Lee, Doris Jung-Lin

I can do better than your AI: Expertise and Explanations

Contact: Schaffer, James

Guided Play: Digital Sensing and Coaching for Stereotypical Play Behavior in Children with Autism

Contact: Chen, Cong

Explaining Models: An Empirical Study of How Explanations Impact Fairness Judgment

Contact: Dodge, Jonathan

Where can my career take me? Harnessing Dialogue for Interactive Career Goal Recommendations

Contact: ALKAN, Oznur

Supporting job mediator and job seeker through an actionable dashboard

Contact: Charleer, Sven

To Explain or not to Explain: the Effects of Personal Characteristics when Explaining Music Recommendations

Contact: Htun, Nyi Nyi

Automated Rationale Generation: a Technique for Explainable AI and its Effects on Human Perceptions

Contact: Ehsan, Upol

Cross-Platform Immersive Web Browsing for Online 3D Neuron Database Exploration

Contact: Lu, Aidong

Vulnerable to Misinformation? Verifi!

Contact: Karduni, Alireza

SearchLens: Composing and Capturing Complex User Interests for Exploratory Search

Contact: Chang, Joseph Chee

Progressive Disclosure: Designing for Effective Transparency

Contact: Springer, Aaron

Improving Take-Over Quality in Automated Driving By Interrupting Non-Driving Tasks

Contact: Köhn, Thomas

Towards Human-Guided Machine Learning

Contact: Gil, Yolanda

PATI: A Projection-based Augmented Table-Top Interface for Robot Programming

Contact: Gao, Yuxiang

Paralinguistic Recommendations for Affective Word Clouds

Contact: Kulahcioglu, Tugba

A Context-Dependent Analysis of Automated Driving to Elaborate Requirements for Intelligent User Interfaces

Contact: Frison, Anna-Katharina

S(C)ENTINEL - Monitoring Automated Vehicles with Olfactory Reliability Displays

Contact: Wintersberger, Philipp

Short Papers

Intelligently Recommending Key Bindings on Physical Keyboards with Demonstrations in Emacs

Contact: Xu, Hong

Explainable Modeling of Annotations in Crowdsourcing

Contact: Nguyen, An

Empathic Dialogue System based on Emotions Extracted from Tweets

Contact: Tahara, Shunichi

RL-KLM: Automating Keystroke-level Modeling with Reinforcement Learning

Contact: Leino, Katri

Analyzing User‚ Äôs Task-Driven Interaction in Mixed Reality

Contact: Loizou, Styliani Kleanthous

Piano Genie

Contact: Donahue, Chris

The Effects of Example-Based Explanations in a Machine Learning Interface

Contact: Cai, Carrie

Assisting Group Activity Analysis through Hand Detection and Identification in Multiple Egocentric Videos

Contact: Charoenkulvanich, Nathawan

SAM: A Modular Framework for Self-Adapting Web Menus

Contact: Gobert, Camille

Towards a Generalizable Method for Detecting Fluid Intake with Wrist-Mounted Sensors and Adaptive Segmentation

Contact: Chun, Keum San

Explainability Scenarios: Towards Scenario-based XAI Design

Contact: Wolf, Christine

Explaining Recommendations in an Interactive Hybrid Social Recommender

Contact: Tsai, Chun-Hua

Intelligent Assistants for Mediation Analysis in Visual Analytics

Contact: Yen, Chi-Hsien

Visualizing authorship and contribution of collaborative writing in e-learning environments

Contact: Torres, Johnny

Does Emotion Influence the Use of Auto-suggest during Smartphone Typing?

Contact: Ghosh, Surjya

Induction of an active attitude by short speech reaction time toward interaction for decision-making with multiple agents

Contact: Ohmoto, Yoshimasa

TiiS papers to be presented at IUI 2019:

Crowdsourcing Ground Truth for Medical Relation Extraction

Presenter: Lora Aroyo, Anca Dumitrache

A Review of User Interface Design for Interactive Machine Learning

Presenter: John Dudley

Evaluation and Refinement of Clustered Search Results with the Crowd

Presenter: Amy Zhang

Seven Metrics that Matter when Modeling Expert Sketching Ability

Presenter: Blake Williford, Tracy Hammond

A Visual Approach for Interactive Keyterm-based Clustering

Presenter: Evangelos Milios

A Human-in-the-loop System for Sound Event Detection and Annotation

Presenter: Bongjun Kim

A Classification Model for Sensing Human Trust in Machines Using EEG and GSR

Presenter: Kumar Akash, Neera Jain

Proactive Information Retrieval by Inferring Search Intent from Primary Task Context

Presenter: Tuukka Ruotsalo, Markus Koskela

The Effect of Culture on Trust in Automation: Reliability and Workload

Presenter: Shih-Yi Chien