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Kashyap Todi
Kashyap Todi
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Luis A. Leiva
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TL;DR (Summary)

  • IUI 2022 will use 3 online tools to enable attendees to experience the virtual conference. Registration to the conference is required to get full access to the program.
  • SIGCHI Programs web app for viewing the scheduling, browsing content, and joining sessions.
  • Zoom for all sessions, including workshops, keynotes and special events, paper sessions, and poster/demo sessions.
  • Discord for synchronous and asynchronous discussions, networking, and casual conversations.
  • If you come across any issues related to these tools, please contact the Program Technology chairs ( or leave a message in the #helpdesk channel on Discord.
  • Specific instructions for presenters have been sent via email. If you are presenting at IUI 2022 but have not received these instructions, please contact us.

Schedule and Content on SIGCHI Programs:

We will use the SIGCHI Programs web app for the conference program, schedule, and access to sessions, videos, and papers.

  1. Go to
  2. Make sure you have an ACM account to login to If you do not have one already, you can create it for free at Note that a paid ACM membership is not required. If you are creating a new account, we strongly recommend using the same email address you used at the time of registration for IUI 2022.
  3. After logging in, select IUI 2022 from the conference list (or go to A badge at the top of the page, next to the IUI 2022 logo and title, should indicate that you are "registered" as an attendee. If you do not see this badge, please contact the Program Technology chairs via e-mail ( or leave a message on the #helpdesk channel on Discord (see below).
  4. Go to the conference program to view the schedule. You can switch between your local time and conference time (Helsinki – EET) on the interface.
  5. You can view details of each content item (papers, posters/demos, workshops, etc.) by selecting them from the schedule. Alternatively, you can browse the content using the Gallery view (
  6. Click on the "Live Now" link for a session to access the Zoom meeting for an ongoing session. This will open up the zoom meeting page.
  7. You can also use the Programs app to add items to lists and to your personal schedule.

Live Sessions on Zoom:

All sessions during the conference will be hosted on Zoom.

  1. Make sure that you have installed the Zoom application on your device (
  2. Please ensure that you are familiar with the Zoom meeting interface, including features such as mute/unmute, turn on/off camera, view/hide the chat and participants list, and 'raise hand'.
  3. We request you to set your display name to your full name; you can optionally include your pronouns as well (e.g. "Firstname Lastname (they/them)"). You can change your display name by right clicking on it in the Participants list during a meeting.
  4. You will be muted on entry; please make sure stay on mute unless you want to speak to avoid disruptions and background noise.
  5. We encourage you to turn on your video to increase engagement during the session. However, if you are unable to do so, we fully understand.

Discussions and Networking on Discord:

We have created a dedicated IUI 2022 Discord server to enable our attendees and presenters to have synchronous and asynchronous discussions, and to facilitate networking opportunities.

  1. Join the IUI 2022 discord server: the invite link has been sent to your email (with subject "IUI 2022: Important information for attendees"). If you have not received this email, please check your Spam/Junk folders and contact the Program Technology Chairs via email (
  2. After agreeing to the rules, you will get access to the #register-here channel. Follow the instructions in the channel to change your nickname and leave a message with your name.
  3. Someone from the IUI 2022 organizing committee will verify your registration.
  4. Once you are registered as an attendee on Discord, you will have access to all channels. Start off by reading through the posts in the #code-of-conduct and the #welcome channels.
  5. We have dedicated spaces to discuss papers, posters/demos, workshops, and other sessions. We also have channels for general discussions and casual conversations. Please feel free use mentions (e.g. @person-name) to tag people so that they get notified.
  6. You can use Discord to also have voice/video conversations with other attendees using channels under the "Voice/Video Channels" category. By joining the "Meeting (Join to Create)" channel, you can create your personal 'meeting room' and invite others to join. If you need captions, please use Discord on Chrome (see

  7. If you run into any issues with the above tools, please contact the Program Technology chairs ( We hope you have a great conference week!