Accepted Papers

Program chairs

Simone Stumpf
Simone Stumpf
University of Glasgow
Krzysztof Gajos
Krzysztof Gajos
Harvard University
Tuukka Ruotsalo
Tuukka Ruotsalo
University of Helsinki
University of Copenhagen

emoji_events[Best paper] Hand Gesture Recognition for an Off-the-Shelf Radar by Electromagnetic Modeling and Inversion
Arthur Sluÿters, Université catholique de Louvain
Sébastien Lambot, Université catholique de Louvain
Jean Vanderdonckt, Université catholique de Louvain

emoji_events[Best paper] Deep Learning Uncertainty in Machine Teaching
Téo Sanchez, Université Paris Saclay, CNRS, Inria
Baptiste Caramiaux, Sorbonne Université, CNRS
Pierre Thiel, Sorbonne Université, CNRS
Wendy E. Mackay, Université Paris Saclay, CNRS, Inria

military_tech[Honorable mention] Embedding Comparator: Visualizing Differences in Global Structure and Local Neighborhoods via Small Multiples
Angie Boggust, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Brandon Carter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Arvind Satyanarayan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

military_tech[Honorable mention] Estimating 3D Finger Pose via 2D-3D Fingerprint Matching
Yongjie Duan, Tsinghua University
Ke He, Tsinghua University
Jianjiang Feng, Tsinghua University
Jiwen Lu, Tsinghua University
Jie Zhou, Tsinghua University

military_tech[Honorable mention] Learning User Interface Semantics from Heterogeneous Networks with Multimodal and Positional Attributes
Gary Ang, Singapore Management University
Ee Peng Lim, Singapore Management University

EyeSayCorrect: Eye Gaze and Voice Based Hands-Free Text Correction for Mobile Devices
Maozheng Zhao, Stony Brook University
Henry Huang, Tappan Zee High School
Zhi Li, Stony Brook University
Rui Liu, Stony Brook University
Wenzhe Cui, Stony Brook University
Kajal Toshniwal, Stony Brook University
Ananya Goel, Stony Brook University
Andrew Wang, Ward Melville High School
Xia Zhao, Stony Brook Medicine
Sina Rashidian, Verily Life Sciences
Furqan Baig, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urbana
Khiem Phi, Computer Science, Stony Brook University
Shumin Zhai, Google
IV Ramakrishnan, Stony Brook University
Fusheng Wang, Stony Brook University
Xiaojun Bi, Stony Brook University

Similarity-Based Explanations meet Matrix Factorization via Structure-Preserving Embeddings
Leandro Balby Marinho, Federal University of Campina Grande
Júlio Barreto Guedes da Costa, Federal University of Campina Grande
Denis Parra, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Rodrygo L. T. Santos, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Wordcraft: Story Writing With Large Language Models
Ann Yuan, Google Research
Andy Coenen, Google Research
Emily Reif, Google Research
Daphne Ippolito, Google Research

SoftVideo: Improving the Learning Experience of Software Tutorial Videos with Collective Interaction Data
Saelyne Yang, KAIST
Jisu Yim, KAIST
Aitolkyn Baigutanova, KAIST
Seoyoung Kim, KAIST
Minsuk Chang, NAVER AI LAB
Juho Kim, KAIST

Do Humans Prefer Debiased AI Algorithms? A Case Study in Career Recommendation
Clarice Wang, The Harker School
Kathryn Wang, Carnegie Mellon University
Andrew Bian, River Hill High School
Rashidul Islam, University of Maryland
Kamrun Naher Keya, University of Maryland
James Foulds, University of Maryland
Shimei Pan, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Understanding Screen Relationships from Screenshots of Smartphone Applications
Shirin Feiz, Stony Brook University
Jason Wu, Carnegie Mellon University
Xiaoyi Zhang, Apple Inc
Amanda Swearngin, Apple
Titus Barik, Apple
Jeffrey Nichols, Apple

Efficiently Correcting Machine Learning: Considering the Role of Example Ordering in Human-in-the-Loop Training of Image Classification Models
Geoff Holmes, University of Waikato
Eibe Frank, University of Waikato
Dale Fletcher, University of Waikato
Corey Sterling, University of Waikato

Building Trust in Interactive Machine Learning via User Contributed Interpretable Rules
Lijie Guo, Clemson University, Clemson University
Elizabeth M. Daly, IBM Research, IBM Research
Oznur Alkan, IBM Research, IBM Research
Massimiliano Mattetti, Microsoft, Microsoft
Owen Cornec, IBM Research, IBM Research
Bart Knijnenburg, Clemson University, Clemson University

Towards Efficient Annotations for a Human-AI Collaborative, Clinical Decision Support System: A Case Study on Physical Stroke Rehabilitation Assessment
Min Hun Lee, Singapore Management University
Daniel P. Siewiorek, Carnegie Mellon University
Asim Smailagic, Carnegie Mellon University
Alexandre Bernardino, Instituto Superior Tecnico, University of Lisbon
Sergi Bermúdez i Badia, Universidade da Madeira

Opportunities for Human-AI Collaboration in Remote Sighted Assistance
Sooyeon Lee, Pennsylvania State University
Rui Yu, Pennsylvania State University
Jingyi Xie, Pennsylvania State University
Syed Masum Billah, Pennsylvania State University
John M. Carroll, Pennsylvania State University

Robinhood's Forest: An Idle Game to Improve Investor Behavior
Sayan Chaudhry, Carnegie Mellon University
Chinmay Kulkarni, Carnegie Mellon University

How Do People Rank Multiple Mutant Agents?
Jonathan Dodge, Oregon State University
Andrew A. Anderson, Oregon State University
Matthew Olson, Oregon State University
Rupika Dikkala, Oregon State University
Margaret Burnett, Oregon State University

Utilizing Core-Query for Context-Sensitive Ad Generation Based on Dialogue
Ryoichi Shibata, Keio University
Shoya Matsumori, Keio University
Yosuke Fukuchi, Keio University
Tomoyuki Maekawa, Keio University
Mitsuhiko Kimoto, Keio University
Michita Imai, 3-14-1 Hiyoshi

Recommendations as Challenges: Estimating Required Effort and User Ability for Health Behavior Change Recommendations
Helma Torkamaan, University of Duisburg-Essen
Jürgen Ziegler, University of Duisburg-Essen

Investigating Explainability of Generative Models for Code through Scenario-Based Design
Jiao Sun, University of Southern California
Q. Vera Liao, IBM Research
Michael Muller, IBM Research
Mayank Agarwal, IBM Research
Stephanie Houde, IBM Research
Kartik Talamadupula, IBM Research
Justin D. Weisz, IBM Research AI

ODEN: Live Programming for Neural Network Architecture Editing
Chunqi Zhao, The University of Tokyo
I-Chao Shen, The University of Tokyo
Tsukasa Fukusato, The University of Tokyo
Jun Kato, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Takeo Igarashi, The University of Tokyo

Exploring the Effects of Machine Learning Literacy Interventions on Laypeople's Reliance on Machine Learning Models
Chun-Wei Chiang, Purdue University
Ming Yin, Purdue University

An Intelligent Pedagogical Agent to Foster Computational Thinking in Open-Ended Game Design Activities
Özge Nilay Yalçin, University of British Columbia
Sebastien Lalle, Sorbonne University
Cristina Conati, University of British Columbia

Robust and Deployable Gesture Recognition for Smartwatches
Utkarsh Kunwar, Aalto University
Sheetal Borar, Aalto University
Moritz Berghofer, Huawei Technologies, University of Augsburg
Julia Kylmälä, Aalto University
Ilhan Aslan, Huawei Technologies
Luis A. Leiva, University of Luxembourg
Antti Oulasvirta, Aalto University

InSupport: Proxy Interface for Enabling Efficient Non-Visual Interaction with Web Data Records
Javedul Ferdous, Old Dominion University
Hae-Na Lee, Stony Brook University
Sampath Jayarathna, Old Dominion University
Vikas Ashok, Old Dominion University

Hazard Notifications for Cyclists: Comparison of Awareness Message Modalities in a Mixed Reality Study
Tamara von Sawitzky, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Johannes Kepler University
Thomas Grauschopf, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Andreas Riener, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

The"Artificial" Colleague: Evaluation of Work Satisfaction in Collaboration with Non-Human Coworkers
Shadan Sadeghian, University of Siegen
Marc Hassenzahl, University of Siegen

Does Using Voice Authentication in Multimodal Systems Correlate With Increased Speech Interaction During Non-critical Routine Tasks?
Melanie Heck, University of Mannheim
Seong Hyun Shon, University of Mannheim
Christian Becker, University of Mannheim

A Dialogue-Based Interface for Active Learning of Activities of Daily Living
Ronnie Smith, Heriot-Watt University, University of Edinburgh
Mauro Dragone, Heriot-Watt University

Multimodal Error Correction for Speech-to-Text in a Mobile Office Automated Vehicle: Results From a Remote Study
Clemens Schartmüller, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Johannes Kepler University
Andreas Riener, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Johannes Kepler University

VideoSticker: A Tool for Active Viewing and Visual Note-taking from Videos
Yining Cao, University of California, San Diego
Hariharan Subramonyam, Stanford University
Eytan Adar, University of Michigan

Agenda- and Activity-Based Triggers for Microlearning
Fiona Draxler, LMU Munich
Julia Maria Brenner, LMU Munich
Manuela Eska, LMU Munich
Albrecht Schmidt, LMU Munich
Lewis L Chuang, IfADo-Leibniz Institute for Working Environment and Human Factors, LMU Munich

Trade-Offs in Sampling and Search for Early-Stage Interactive Text Classification
Zachary Levonian, University of Minnesota
Chia-Jung Lee, Amazon
Vanessa Murdock, Amazon
F. Maxwell Harper, Amazon

Colorbo: Envisioned Mandala Coloring through Human-AI Collaboration
Eunseo Kim, Hanyang Univeristy
Jeongmin Hong, Hanyang University
Hyuna Lee, Hanyang University
Minsam Ko, Hanyang University ERICA

Crowdsourcing Thumbnail Captions Using Time-Constrained Methods
Carlos A Aguirre, Johns Hopkins University
Amama Mahmood, Johns Hopkins University
Chien-Ming Huang, Johns Hopkins University

Emblaze: Illuminating Machine Learning Representations through Interactive Comparison of Embedding Spaces
Venkatesh Sivaraman, Carnegie Mellon University
Yiwei Wu, Carnegie Mellon University
Adam Perer, Carnegie Mellon University

Do People Engage Cognitively with AI? Impact of AI Assistance on Incidental Learning
Krzysztof Z. Gajos, Harvard University
Lena Mamykina, Columbia University

Contextualization and Exploration of Local Feature Importance Explanations to Improve Understanding and Satisfaction of Non-Expert Users
Clara Bove, Sorbonne Université, AXA Research
Jonathan Aigrain, AXA Research
Marie-Jeanne Lesot, Sorbonne Université
Charles Tijus, Université Paris 08
Marcin Detyniecki, AXA Research

Explaining Recommendations in E-Learning: Effects on Adolescents' Trust
Jeroen Ooge, KU Leuven
Shotallo Kato, KU Leuven
Katrien Verbert, KU Leuven

HINT: Integration Testing for AI-Based features with Humans in the Loop
Quan Ze Chen, University of Washington
Tobias Schnabel, Microsoft Research
Besmira Nushi, Microsoft Research
Saleema Amershi, Microsoft Research AI

Multimodal Fusion for Driver Referencing: A Comparison of Pointing to Objects Inside and Outside the Vehicle
Abdul Rafey Aftab, BMW Group, Saarland University
Michael von der Beeck, BMW Group

Developing Persona Analytics Towards Persona Science
Joni Salminen, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, University of Vaasa
Soon-Gyo Jung, Hamad Bin Khalifa University
Bernard J Jansen, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Penn State

KWickChat: A Multi-Turn Dialogue System for AAC Using Context-Aware Sentence Generation by Bag-of-Keywords
Junxiao Shen, University of Cambridge, University of Cambridge
Boyin Yang, Department of Engineering, Department of Engineering
John J Dudley, University of Cambridge, University of Cambridge
Per Ola Kristensson, University of Cambridge, University of Cambridge

iSEA: An Interactive Pipeline for Semantic Error Analysis of NLP Models
Jun Yuan, New York University
Jesse Vig, Salesforce Research
Nazneen Rajani, Salesforce Research

NewsPod: Automatic and Interactive News Podcasts
Philippe Laban, UC Berkeley
Elicia Ye, UC Berkeley
Srujay Korlakunta, University of California, Berkeley
John Canny, University of California, Berkeley
Marti Hearst, UC Berkeley

Emotion Recognition in Conversations using Brain and Physiological Signals
Nastaran Saffaryazdi, University of Auckland
Yenushka Goonesekera, University of Auckland
Nafiseh Saffaryazdi, University of Auckland
Nebiyou Daniel Hailemariam, Addis Ababa University
Ebasa Girma Temesgen, Addis Ababa University
Suranga Nanayakkara, The University of Auckland
Elizabeth Broadbent, University of Auckland
Mark Billinghurst, University of Auckland

Differentiating Endogenous and Exogenous Attention Shifts Based on Fixation-Related Potentials
Lisa-Marie Vortmann, University Bremen
Moritz Schult, University of Bremen
Felix Putze, University of Bremen

AQX: Explaining Air Quality Forecast for Verifying Domain Knowledge using Feature Importance Visualization
Reshika Palaniyappan Velumani, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Meng Xia, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Jun Han, University of Notre Dame
Chaoli Wang, University of Notre Dame
ALEXIS K LAU, The Hong Kong Uni of Sci and Technology
Huamin Qu, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Brainwave-Augmented Eye Tracker: High-Frequency SSVEPs Improves Camera-Based Eye Tracking Accuracy
Alexandre Armengol-Urpi, MIT
Andrés F. Salazar-Gómez, MIT
Sanjay E. Sarma, MIT

Mind-Proofing Your Phone: Navigating the Digital Minefield with GreaseTerminator
Siddhartha Datta, University of Oxford
Konrad Kollnig, University of Oxford
Nigel Shadbolt, University of Oxford

Show of Hands: Leveraging Hand Gestural Cues in Virtual Meetings for Intelligent Impromptu Polling Interactions
Jung In Koh, Texas A&M University
Samantha Ray, Texas A&M University
Josh Cherian, Texas A&M University
Paul Taele, Texas A&M University
Tracy Hammond, Texas A&M University

FitNibble: A Field Study to Evaluate the Utility and Usability of Automatic Diet Monitoring in Food Journaling using an Eyeglasses-Based Wearable
Abdelkareem Bedri, Carnegie Mellon University, Apple
Yuchen Liang, Carnegie Mellon University
Sudershan Boovaraghavan, Carnegie Mellon University
Geoff Kaufman, Carnegie Mellon University
Mayank Goel, Carnegie Mellon University

Interpretable Aesthetic Analysis Model for Intelligent Photography Guidance Systems
Xiaoran Wu, Tsinghua University

TastePaths: Enabling Deeper Exploration and Understanding of Personal Preferences in Recommender Systems
Savvas Petridis, Columbia University
Nediyana Daskalova, Spotify
Sarah Mennicken, Spotify
Samuel F Way, Spotify
Paul Lamere, Spotify
Jennifer Thom, Spotify

Better Together? An Evaluation of AI-Supported Code Translation
Justin D. Weisz, IBM Research AI
Michael Muller, IBM Research AI
Steven I. Ross, IBM Research AI
Fernando Martinez, IBM Argentina
Stephanie Houde, IBM Research AI
Mayank Agarwal, IBM Research AI
Kartik Talamadupula, IBM Research AI
John T. Richards, IBM Research AI

Explaining Call Recommendations in Nursing Homes: A User-Centered Design Approach for Interacting with Knowledge-Based Health Decision Support Systems
Francisco Gutiérrez, KU Leuven
Nyi Nyi Htun, KU Leuven
Vero Vanden Abeele, KU Leuven
Robin De Croon, KU Leuven
Katrien Verbert, KU Leuven

Expressive Communication: Evaluating Developments in Generative Models and Steering Interfaces for Music Creation
Ryan Louie, Northwestern University
Jesse Engel, Google Brain
Cheng-Zhi Anna Huang, Google Brain

Intuitively Assessing ML Model Reliability through Example-Based Explanations and Editing Model Inputs
Harini Suresh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kathleen M Lewis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
John Guttag, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Arvind Satyanarayan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

GridBook: Natural Language Formulas for the Spreadsheet Grid
Sruti Srinivasa Ragavan, Microsoft Research
Zhitao Hou, Microsoft Research Asia
Yun Wang, Microsoft Research Asia
Andrew D Gordon, Microsoft Research, Edinburgh University
Haidong Zhang, Microsoft Research Asia
Dongmei Zhang, Microsoft Research Asia

CiteRead: Integrating Localized Citations into Scientific Paper Reading
Napol Rachatasumrit, Carnegie Mellon University
Jonathan Bragg, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Amy X. Zhang, University of Washington
Daniel S Weld, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

"Rather Solve the Problem from Scratch": Gamesploring Human-Machine Collaboration for Optimizing the Debris Collection Problem
Aybike Ulusan, Northeastern University
Uttkarsh Narayan, Northeastern University
Sam Snodgrass,
Ozlem Ergun, Northeastern University
Casper Harteveld, Northeastern University

BeParrot: Efficient Interface for Transcribing Unclear Speech via Respeaking
Riku Arakawa, Carnegie Mellon University
Hiromu Yakura, University of Tsukuba, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Masataka Goto, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)