Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

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HUMANIZE '17 - SmartLearn '17 - SmartObject '17 - BCIforReal '17 - ESIDA '17

Keynote Address 1

Modern Touchscreen Keyboards as Intelligent User Interfaces: A Research Review

  • Shumin Zhai

Recommender Systems

A 3D Item Space Visualization for Presenting and Manipulating User Preferences in Collaborative Filtering

  • Johannes Kunkel, Benedikt Loepp, Jürgen Ziegler

Explaining Recommendations Based on Feature Sentiments in Product Reviews

  • Li Chen, Feng Wang

Criteria Chains: A Novel Multi-Criteria Recommendation Approach

  • Yong Zheng

SIRUP: Serendipity In Recommendations via User Perceptions

  • Valentina Maccatrozzo, Manon Terstall, Lora Aroyo, Guus Schreiber

BoostFM: Boosted Factorization Machines for Top-N Feature-based Recommendation

  • Fajie Yuan, Guibing Guo, Joemon M. Jose, Long Chen, Haitao Yu, Weinan Zhang

Multimodal and Augmented Interaction

Intelligent Sensory Modality Selection for Electronic Supportive Devices

  • Kyle Kotowick, Julie Shah

Understanding Emotional Responses to Mobile Video Advertisements via Physiological Signal Sensing and Facial Expression Analysis

  • Phuong Pham, Jingtao Wang

Eyes Understand the Sketch!: Gaze-Aided Stroke Grouping of Hand-Drawn Flowcharts

  • Beibei Chao, Xiaoyan Zhao, Dapeng Shi, Guihuan Feng, Bin Luo

CarNote: Reducing Misunderstanding between Drivers by Digital Augmentation

  • Chao Wang, Jacques Terken, Jun Hu

Understanding Users

Measuring Self-Esteem with Games

  • Carlos Pereira Santos, Kevin Hutchinson, Vassilis-Javed Khan, Panos Markopoulos

Dimensions for Automatic Interpretation of Approximate Numerical Expressions: An empirical study

  • Sébastien Lefort, Elisabetta Zibetti, Marie-Jeanne Lesot, Marcin Detyniecki, Charles Tijus

An Intelligent Interface for Organizing Online Opinions on Controversial Topics

  • Mingkun Gao, Hyo Jin Do, Wai-Tat Fu

Untangling the Relationship Between Spatial Skills, Game Features, and Gender in a Video Game

  • Helen Wauck, Ziang Xiao, Po-Tsung Chium, Wai-Tat Fu

A Data-Driven, Multidimensional Approach to Hint Design in Video Games

  • Helen Wauck, Wai-Tat Fu

Information Visualisation

Negative Relevance Feedback for Exploratory Search with Visual Interactive Intent Modeling

  • Jaakko Peltonen, Jonathan Strahl, Patrik Floréen

CQAVis: Visual Text Analytics for Community Question Answering

  • Enamul Hoque, Shafiq Joty, Luis Marquez, Giuseppe Carenini

GPGPU-based Highly Parallelized 3D Node Localization for Real-Time 3D Model Reproduction

  • Kauzki Hirosue, Shohei Ukawa, Yuichi Itoh, Takao Onoye, Masanori Hashimoto

Cartograph: Unlocking Spatial Visualization Through Semantic Enhancement

  • Shilad Sen, Anja Beth Swoap, Qisheng Li, Brooke Boatman, Ilse Dippenaar, Rebecca Gold, Monica Ngo, Sarah Pujol, Bret Jackson, Brent Hecht

Keynote Address 2

Utilizing Human Cognitive and Emotional Factors for User-Centered Computing

  • George Samaras


OptiDwell: Intelligent Adjustment of Dwell Click Time

  • Aanand Nayyar, Utkarsh Dwivedi, Karan Ahuja, Nitendra Rajput, Seema Nagar, Kuntal Dey

Driver Readiness Model for Regulating the Transfer from Automation to Human Control

  • Tina Mioch, Liselotte Kroon, Mark A. Neerincx

Inline Co-Evolution between Users and Information Presentation for Data Exploration

  • Landy Rajaonarivo, Matthieu Courgeon, Eric Maisel, Pierre De Loor

Pupillometry and Head Distance to the Screen to Predict Skill Acquisition During Information Visualization Tasks

  • Dereck Toker, Sébastien Lallé, Cristina Conati

Interactive Programming and Automation

Help, It Looks Confusing: GUI Task Automation Through Demonstration and Follow-up Questions

  • Thanapong Intharah, Daniyar Turmukhambetov, Gabriel J. Brostow

UI X-Ray: Interactive Mobile UI Testing Based on Computer Vision

  • Chun-Fu (Richard) Chen, Marco Pistoia, Conglei Shi, Paolo Girolami, Joseph W. Ligman, Yong Wang

Towards Understanding Human Mistakes of Programming by Example: An Online User Study

  • Tak Yeon Lee, Casey Dugan, Benjamin B. Bederson

Identifying Frequent User Tasks from Application Logs

  • Himel Dev, Zhicheng Liu


Confiding in and Listening to Virtual Agents: The Effect of Personality

  • Jingyi Li, Michelle X. Zhou, Huahai Yang, Gloria Mark

How to Recommend?: User Trust Factors in Movie Recommender Systems

  • Shlomo Berkovsky, Ronnie Taib, Dan Conway

The Influence of Personality Traits and Cognitive Load on the Use of Adaptive User Interfaces

  • Krzysztof Z. Gajos, Krysta Chauncey

User Trust Dynamics: An Investigation Driven by Differences in System Performance

  • Kun Yu, Shlomo Berkovsky, Ronnie Taib, Dan Conway, Jianlong Zhou, Fang Chen

SupportingTrust in Autonomous Driving

  • Renate Häuslschmid, Max von Bülow, Bastian Pfleging, Andreas Butz

Intelligent Training and Educational Interfaces

Social Intelligence Modeling using Wearable Devices

  • Alaeddine Mihoub, Grégoire Lefebvre

"How May I Help You?": Modeling Twitter Customer ServiceConversations Using Fine-Grained Dialogue Acts

  • Shereen Oraby, Pritam Gundecha, Jalal Mahmud, Mansurul Bhuiyan, Rama Akkiraju

Multi-faceted Index driven Navigation for Educational Videos in Mobile Phones

  • Abhishek Kumar, Kushal Srivastava, Kuldeep Yadav, Om Deshmukh

Scaling Reflection Prompts in Large Classrooms via Mobile Interfaces and Natural Language Processing

  • Xiangmin Fan, Wencan Luo, Muhsin Menekse, Diane Litman, Jingtao Wang

Keynote Address 3

Interaction Design for Rehabiliation

  • Panos Markopoulos

Intelligent Systems

WikiLyzer: Interactive Information Quality Assessment in Wikipedia

  • Cecilia di Sciascio, David Strohmaier, Marcelo Errecalde, Eduardo Veas

Towards Future Interactive Intelligent Systems for Animals: Study and Recognition of Embodied Interactions

  • Patricia Pons, Javier Jaen, Alejandro Catala

Guidelines for Tree-based Collaborative Goal Setting

  • Rifca Peters, Joost Broekens, Mark A. Neerincx

Web Screen Reading Automation Assistance Using Semantic Abstraction

  • Vikas Ashok, Yury Puzis, Yevgen Borodin, I.V. Ramakrishnan

Adaptive View Management for Drone Teleoperation in Complex 3D Structures

  • John Thomason, Photchara Ratsamee, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Pakpoom Kriangkomol, Jason Orlosky, Tomohiro Mashita, Yuki Uranishi, Haruo Takemura

Gestural and Haptic Interaction

Once More, With Feeling: Expressing Emotional Intensity in Touchscreen Gestures

  • Nabil Bin Hannan, Khalid Tearo, Joseph Malloch, Derek Reilly

Effect of Motion-Gesture Recognizer Error Pattern on User Workload and Behavior

  • Keiko Katsuragawa, Ankit Kamal, Edward Lank

Use of Haptic Feedback to Train Correct Application of Force in Endodontic Surgery

  • Myat Su Yin, Peter Haddawy, Siriwan Suebnukarn, Holger Schultheis, Phattanapon Rhienmora

DyFAV: Dynamic Feature Selection and Voting for Real-time Recognition of Fingerspelled Alphabet using Wearables

  • Prajwal Paudyal, Junghyo Lee, Ayan Banerjee, Sandeep K.S. Gupta

Don't Just Swipe Left, Tell Me Why: Enhancing Gesture-based Feedback with Reason Bins

  • Juan Felipe Beltran, Ziqi Huang, Azza Abouzied, Arnab Nandi


A Network-Fusion Guided Dashboard Interface for Task-Centric Document Curation

  • Paul Jones, Shivani Sharma, Changsung Moon, Nagiza F. Samatova

Analyza: Exploring Data with Conversation

  • Kedar Dhamdhere, Kevin S. McCurley, Ralfi Nahmias, Mukund Sundararajan, Qiqi Yan

Learning to Rate Clinical Concepts Using Simulated Clinician Feedback

  • Mohammad R. Alsulmi, Benjamin A. Carterette

Assessing the Contribution of Twitter's Textual Information to Graph-based Recommendation

  • Evgenia Wasserman Pritsker, Tsvi Kuflik, Einat Minkov

QuickReview: A Novel Data-Driven Mobile User Interface for Reporting Problematic App Features

  • Tavita Su'a, Sherlock A. Licorish, Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu, Tobias Langlotz

Interactive Machine Learning and Explanation

Label-and-Learn: Visualizing the Likelihood of Machine Learning Classifier's Success During Data Labeling

  • Yunjia Sun, Edward Lank, Michael Terry

Interactive Machine Learning via a GPU-accelerated Toolkit

  • Biye Jiang, John Canny

Interactive Elicitation of Knowledge on Feature Relevance Improves Predictions in Small Data Sets

  • Luana Micallef, Iiris Sundin, Pekka Marttinen, Muhammad Ammad-ud-din, Tomi Peltola, Marta Soare, Giulio Jacucci, Samuel Kaski

I-SED: An Interactive Sound Event Detector

  • Bongjun Kim, Bryan Pardo

LyriSys: An Interactive Support System for Writing Lyrics Based on Topic Transition

  • Kento Watanabe, Yuichiroh Matsubayashi, Kentaro Inui, Tomoyasu Nakano, Satoru Fukayama, Masataka Goto

Machine Learning

Towards Automating Data Narratives

  • Yolanda Gil, Daniel Garijo

CogniLearn: A Deep Learning-based Interface for Cognitive Behavior Assessment

  • Srujana Gattupalli, Dylan Ebert, Michalis Papakostas, Fillia Makedon, Vassilis Athitsos

Deep Sequential Recommendation for Personalized Adaptive User Interfaces

  • Harold Soh, Scott Sanner, Madeleine White, Greg Jamieson

GUI Design for IDE Command Recommendations

  • Marko Gasparic, Andrea Janes, Francesco Ricci, Marco Zanellati

Information Retrieval

Novelty Learning via Collaborative Proximity Filtering

  • Arun Kumar, Paul Schrater

Topic-Relevance Map: Visualization for Improving Search Result Comprehension

  • Jaakko Peltonen, Kseniia Belorustceva, Tuukka Ruotsalo

Towards Fine-Grained Adaptation of Exploration/Exploitation in Information Retrieval

  • Alan Medlar, Joel Pyykkö, Dorota Glowacka

Session-Based Recommendations Using Item Embedding

  • Asnat Greenstein-Messica, Lior Rokach, Michael Friedman


AWARE: Workshop on Awareness Interfaces and Interactions

  • Casey Dugan, Peter Brusilovsky, Elizabeth Daly, John O'Donovan

BCIforReal: An application-Oriented Approach to BCI Out of the Laboratory

  • Doron Friedman, Anne-Marie Brouwer, Anton Nijholt

Exploratory Search and Interactive Data Analytics

  • Dorota Glowacka, Evangelos Milios, Axel J. Soto, Fernando Paulovich

IUI'17 Companion-Workshop Summary for HUMANIZE'17

  • Mark Graus, Bruce Ferwerda, Markus Schedl, Marko Tkalcic, Martijn Willemsen, Panagiotis Germanakos

IUI'17 Workshop Summary for SmartLearn: Intelligent Interfaces for Ubiquitous and Smart Learning

  • Ilknur Celik, Ilaria Torre

SmartObjects: Fifth Workshop on Interacting with Smart Objects

  • Dirk Schnelle-Walka, Florian Müller, Tobias Grosse-Puppendahl, Kris Luyten, Max Mühlhäuser, Oliver Brdiczka


Interacting with Recommender Systems

  • Dietmar Jannach, Ingrid Nunes, Michael Jugovac

Creating Custom Wearable Electronics: From Design to Fabrication to Experimentation

  • Charles B. Callaway

Affective and Gameful Interfaces

  • Kostas Karpouzis


Exploring Emotions in Online Movie Reviews for Online Browsing

  • Nadeem Bader, Osnat Mokryn, Joel Lanir

Visualizing Insider Threats: An Effective Interface for Security Analytics

  • Bar Haim, Eitan Menahem, Yaron Wolfsthal, Christopher Meenan

A Gestural Interface for Practicing Children's Spatial Skills

  • Yuan Yao, Po-Tsung Chiu, Wai-Tat Fu

An Interactive Points of Interest Guidance System

  • Georgios Theocharous, Nikos Vlassis, Zheng Wen

EyamKayo: Interactive Gaze and Facial Expression Captcha

  • Utkarsh Dwivedi, Karan Ahuja, Rahul Islam, Ferdous A. Barbhuiya, Seema Nagar, Kuntal Dey

An Analysis and Modeling Framework for Personalized Interaction

  • Mirjam Augstein, Thomas Neumayr, Daniel Kern, Werner Kurschl, Josef Altmann, Thomas Burger

Monitoring Response Quality During Campimetry Via Eye-Tracking

  • Gustavo Vergani Dambros, Judith Ungewiss, Thomas Kübler, Enkelejda Kasneci, Martin Spüler

Visualizing Spatial-Temporal Evaluation of News Stories

  • Julia Sheidin, Joel Lanir, Tsvi Kuflik, Peter Bak

Towards Intelligent Surgical Microscope: Micro-surgeons' Gaze and Instrument Tracking

  • Shahram Eivazi, Wolfgang Fuhl, Enkelejda Kasneci

Towards Automatic Skill Evaluation in Microsurgery

  • Shahram Eivazi, Michael Slupina, Wolfgang Fuhl, Hoorieh Afkari, Ahmad Hafez, Enkelejda Kasneci

Using Virtual Reality to Train Designers to Develop Friendly Interfaces for Achromatic Vision Patients

  • Vaso Constantinou, Andreas Lanitis, Andri Ioannou

Personalising Healthy Eating Messages to Age, Gender and Personality: Using Cialdini's Principles and Framing

  • Rosemary Josekutty Thomas, Judith Masthoff, Nir Oren

DermaTrack: A Skin Cancer Tracking Intelligent Application

  • Nikos Mouzouras, Andreas Pogiatzis, Styliani Kleanthous, George Samaras

Evaluation of Attention Guiding Techniques for Augmented Reality-based Assistance in Picking and Assembly Tasks

  • Patrick Renner, Thies Pfeiffer

SilverTouch: Game-based Training for Children with Myoelectric Prostheses

  • Fernando G. Costales, Rosa M. Carro

Measuring Visual Search Ability on the Web

  • Mária Costales Dragú?ová, Robert Moro, Maria Bielikova

Summarizing Social Image Search Results using Human Affects

  • Eunjeong Ko, Eun Yi Kim, Yaohui Yu

VisualMath: An Automated Visualization System for Understanding Math Word-Problems

  • Utkarsh Dwivedi, Nitendra Rajput, Prasenjit Dey, Blessin Varkey

Rise of the Chatbots: Finding A Place for Artificial Intelligence in India and US

  • Jennifer Zamora


Modular Audio Story Platform for Museums

  • Kari Salo, Vallo Zinin, Merja Bauters, Tommi Mikkonen

A VR Simulator for Emergency Management in Endodontic Surgery

  • Nat Sararit, Peter Haddawy, Siriwan Suebnukarn

GazeTheKey: Interactive Keys to Integrate Word Predictions for Gaze-based Text Entry

  • Korok Sengupta, Raphael Menges, Chandan Kumar, Steffen Staab

EHCTool: Managing Emotional Hotspots for Conversational Agents

  • Tommy Sandbank, Michal Shmueli-Scheuer, Jonathan Herzig, David Konopnicki, Rottem Shaul

Visual Exploration of Unstructured Regulatory Documents

  • Nishtha Madaan, Hima Karanam, Ankush Gupta, Nitisha Jain, Arun Kumar, Srikanth Tamilselvam

Motion-Based Serious Games for Hand Assistive Rehabilitation

  • Imad Afyouni, Ahmad Muaz Qamar, Syed Osama Hussain, Faizan Ur Rehman, Bilal Sadiq, Abdullah Murad

SEED: Entity Oriented Information Search and Exploration

  • Jun Chen, Giulio Jacucci, Yueguo Chen, Tuukka Ruotsalo

Concept-Level Knowledge Visualization For Supporting Self-Regulated Learning

  • Jordan Barria-Pineda, Julio Guerra, Yun Huang, Peter Brusilovsky

TweetVista: An AI-Powered Interactive Tool for Exploring Conversations on Twitter

  • Prashanth Vijayaraghavan, Soroush Vosoughi, Ann Yuan, Deb Roy

Improving Search Result Comprehension by Topic-Relevance Map Visualization

  • Jaakko Peltonen, Kseniia Belorustceva, Tuukka Ruotsalo

AMuse: Connecting Indoor and Outdoor Cultural Heritage Experiences

  • Alan J. Wecker, Tsvi Kuflik, Oliviero Stock

Design of Playful Authoring Tools for Social and Behavioral Science

  • Casper Harteveld, Nolan Manning, Farah Abu-Arja, Rick Menasce, Dean Thurston, Gillian Smith, Steven C. Sutherland

Supporting Conference Attendees with Visual Decision Making Interfaces

  • Katrien Verbert, Peter Brusilovsky, Chirayu Wongchokprasitti, Denis Parra, Bruno Cardoso


Developing a User-defined Interface for In-vehicle Mid-air Gestural Interactions

  • Hessam Jahani-Fariman

Pairwise Preferences and Recommender Systems

  • Saikishore Kalloori

Adapting at Run-time: Exploring the Design Space of Personalized Fitness Coaches

  • Hanna Schneider

EpistAid: An Interactive Intelligent System for Evidence-based Health Care

  • Ivania Donoso-Guzmán

Intelligent and Personalized Community Maps

  • Noemi Mauro

Gesture Recognition through Declarative and Classifier Approach

  • Alessandro Carcangiu

Characterizing and Modeling Linguistic Style in Dialogue for Intelligent Social Agents

  • Shereen Oraby

Automated Formative Feedback in a Virtual Reality (VR) Dental Surgery Simulator

  • Myat Su Yin

Game Features and Individual Differences: What Makes a Spatial Skill Training Video Game Effective?

  • Helen Wauck

Implicit Acquisition of User Personality for Augmenting Recommender Systems

  • Wen Wu

Emergency Management Integration in an Endodontic Surgery VR Simulator

  • Nat Sararit

Personalization of Virtual Games for Children with Cerebral Palsy

  • Sarit Tresser

A Framework of Health Information Retrieval for Aging Population

  • Mingkun Gao

Intelligent Interface for Seeing the World Through Different Lenses

  • Hyo Jin Do

Advanced User Interfaces and Hybrid Recommendations for Exploratory Search

  • Cecilia di Sciascio

An Interactive and Interpretable Interface for Diversity in Recommender Systems

  • Chun-Hua Tsai