Accessibility Chairs

Vijay Rajanna
Vijay Rajanna
Seth Polsley
Seth Polsley
Texas A&M University
Barış Serim
Barış Serim
University of Helsinki

Making Your Submission Accessible

We strongly encourage that all submissions be made accessible, including manuscripts, videos, and other supplemental materials. Accessibility is important so that your content can reach as many people as possible.

The resources below will guide you in making your submission accessible. If you have any questions or need specific assistance, please contact us at

Preparing an accessible submission

Pay attention to accessibility even during the preparation stage with the use of correct built-in styles, metadata, and content mark-up.

  • The CHI 2021 Guide to an Accessible Submission lists a number of considerations related to headings, tables, equations, and figures. You shoold ensure every graphic has alternative text descriptions.
  • The SIGACCESS Accessible Writing Guide will help you use accurate and neutral terminology when describing your user groups, particularly if your submission presents research related to accessibility in computing.

Making your PDF accessible

Ensure that your final PDF document and its contents are tagged with accessibility metadata.

  • For Word: The SIGACCESS guide for Word provides step-by-step instructions for adding basic accessibility information to a Word document on a PC, before exporting it as a PDF.
  • For LaTeX: LaTeX currently lacks a good solution to natively export accessible documents into PDF. Thus the authors would likely need to add accessibility metadata by using another program such as Adobe Acrobat.

Please consult the SIGACCESS Accessible PDF and CHI2021 Final PDF guidelines to make your final PDF accessible.

Accessibility FAQ

How do I communicate accessibility needs to IUI 2022 organizers?

Attendees are encouraged to mention any requests for accommodation upon registration for the conference. Note that some requests may require advance notice, so please submit accessibility requests as far in advance of the conference date as possible in order to give us adequate time to prepare.

Accessibility Chairs, IUI 2022:
Vijay Rajanna, Sensel
Seth Polsley, Texas A&M University
Barış Serim, University of Helsinki

Who do I ask if my question is not answered here?

If you have any questions or concerns about accessibility that are not answered at this page, please contact the conference accessibility chairs at

When is the deadline for accessibility requests?

We ask that attendees submit accommodation requests by the early registration deadline to

Remote Participation

Are remote participation tools accessible?

The remote portion of the conference will be provided through the Zoom video conference software. Zoom is generally considered as an accessible technology since it is compatible with most screen reading software and includes detailed help and support.

Will captions be available?

Yes, captioning will be available in the Zoom interface. Zoom has built-in automated captions that are quite performant, and we will also request presenters to provide captions for any pre-recorded content.

Will sign language interpretation be available?

At present, we do not have sign language interpretation scheduled for the event, but if you will be requiring this accommodation, please enter that request during your registration and contact us at as soon as possible.