Welcome to ACM IUI 2015!

ACM IUI 2015 is the 20th annual meeting of the intelligent interfaces community and serves as a premier international forum for reporting outstanding research and development on intelligent user interfaces. ACM IUI is where the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) community meets the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community. We are also very interested in contributions from related fields, such as psychology, behavioral science, cognitive science, computer graphics, design, the arts, etc.


Conference Hotel & Venue: Loews Atlanta Hotel

conference hotel

ACM IUI 2015 will be held at the Loews Atlanta Hotel (1065 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30309), a new luxury hotel at the heart of the bustling midtown neighborhood.

Walk to world-renowned cultural and arts venues (e.g., World of Coca Cola, the world's largest aquarium, Fox Theatre, the High Museum, ), the legendary Georgia Tech, and plenty of chef-run modern restaurants in strikingly beautiful spaces.

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Courtesy of Loews Atalanta Hotel

There are a variety of nice restaurants and attraction sites that can be reached by a few minutes walk nearby Loews Atlanta Hotel. Check out the restaurant and attractions guide and the map below for more information.

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The ACM IUI Benefits

At ACM IUI, we focus on the interaction between machine intelligence and human intelligence. While other conferences focus on one side or the other, we address the complex interaction between the two. We welcome research that explores how to make the interaction between computers and people smarter, which may leverage solutions from data mining, knowledge representation, novel interaction paradigms, and emerging technologies. We strongly encourage submissions that discuss research from both HCI and AI simultaneously, but also welcome works that focus more on one side or the other.

The ACM IUI conference brings together people from academia, industry, nonprofits and government, to showcase and discuss work results in an intimate, focused, and interactive setting. We expect this year’s ACM IUI to be attended by a diverse and livery crowd of over 200 attendees, a good size that allows our attendees to strike up conversations and network with other attendees, see all the posters, and take in all the presentations. As an ACM conference, ACM IUI papers will appear in the ACM Digital Library and citation indices. There will also be a journal publication path for long papers. ACM IUI is a single-track conference, so you will not miss anything!

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