New Cooperation Agreement between the ACM IUI Conference Series and ACM TiiS

The steering committee of the ACM IUI conference series has agreed with the editors-in-chief of the ACM TiiS on the following forms of collaboration between the conference and the journal, which will be repeated in subsequent years:

1. Authors of accepted ACM IUI 2015 long papers will have an opportunity to submit extended versions to the ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS, for consideration for a special issue titled "Highlights of ACM IUI 2015". One of the ACM IUI 2015 program chairs will serve as an associate editor who manages the reviewing for that special issue, and the reviewing schedule will ensure that it appears in the ACM Digital Library in early 2016, before ACM IUI 2016. (For information on what counts as an appropriate "extension" of a conference paper for TiiS, see here).

2. The authors of any TiiS article that has been accepted during the year 2014 (and that does not represent an extension of a paper presented at an earlier ACM IUI conference) will have an opportunity to present their work at ACM IUI 2015 in a presentation slot at least as long as that for an ACM IUI 2015 short paper.