IUI 2016 Workshop on

Emotion and Visualization

Interaction plays a fundamental role in visualization and visual analytics. However, the emotional states of users are rarely taken into account when developing interaction techniques and/or the visual representations themselves. In many application scenarios, it would be beneficial if emotional measurements could be visualized in order to raise user awareness of their own and others' emotional states as well as how these emotions influence their reasoning and decision making. Additionally, with the help of emotional data, certain visualization systems should be able to adapt to the users’ mental models, cognitive processes and emotional states in terms of interaction and visual representation in order to support the analysis and exploration process.

This workshop will act as a forum where people with diverse backgrounds can present design principles and introduce novel techniques for affect measurement and visualization. EmoVis 2016 is co-located with the ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (ACM IUI 2016) and welcomes researchers, practitioners and experts from a variety of scientific domains, including visualization, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, and multimedia.

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W2SCWT 2016
The First Joint Workshop on

Smart Connected and Wearable Things

The SCWT workshop integrates the SmartObjects and IoWT workshops. It is aimed at focusing on the advanced interactions with smart objects in the context of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), and on the increasing popularity of wearables as advanced means to facilitate such interactions.

The blending of smart objects and wearables enables the creation of new solutions that combine data of multiple sensors and data stores as the basis for a more intimate and timely interaction with things and users, and high level of situational awareness. Special attention may be given to the creation of innovative solutions, not only applicable to consumers, but also to the enterprise.

From the practical point of view, it is critical to not only study the theoretical foundations but also accumulate and generalize the knowledge that is gathered by industry in building corresponding technological infrastructures, methods, and tools to simplify the interaction with the smart objects and to ease the development and operation of wearable-centric solutions across different markets (e.g., wellness & healthcare, banking, insurance, security & safety, transportation).

The combined focal point is between wearables and smart-objects resonates well with the IUI conference overall aim to blend between AI and the HCI communities, and also between academia and industry. Consequently, the proposed workshop is aimed at bringing together researchers and practitioners interested in IoT and wearable-computing based applications, including also the interesting interplay between these emerging fields and the more mature areas of mobile and ubiquitous computing.