March 17-20, 2020 in Cagliari, Italy

Accepted demos and posters

Accepted Demos & Posters


AutoAI: Automating the End-to-End AI Lifecycle with Humans-in-the-Loop

Dakuo Wang (IBM Research), Parikshit Ram (IBM Research), Daniel Karl I. Weidele (IBM Research), Sijia Liu (IBM Research), Michael Muller (AI Interactions, IBM Research), Justin D. Weisz (IBM Research), Lic. Abel N. Valente (IBM Research), Arunima Chaudhary (IBM Research), Dustin Ramsey Torres (IBM Research), Horst Samulowitz (IBM Research), Lisa Amini (IBM Research)

What to study next? Visual Guidance in Knowledge Acquisition

Vangel V. Ajanovski (Ss. Cyil and Methodius University)

Demonstrating Personalized Multifaceted Visualization of People Recommendation to Conference Participants

Saeed Amal (The University of Haifa), Mustafa Adam (Oslo University), Peter Brusilovsky (University of Pittsburgh), Einat Minkov (The University of Haifa), Tsvi Kuflik (The University of Haifa) and Zef M. Segal (University of Haifa)

Interactive Generation and Customization of Travel Packages for Individuals and Groups

Sihem Amer-Yahia (University of Grenoble Alpes), Ria M. Borromeo (University of the Philippines), Shady Elbassuoni (American University of Beirut), Behrooz Omidvar-Tehrani (Naver Labs Europe) and Sruthi Viswanathan (Naver Corp)

What's in it for me?: Augmenting recommended learning resources with navigable annotations

Sahan Bulathwela (University College London), Stefan Kreitmayer (University College London) and Maria Perez-Ortiz (University College London)

FRISP: Framework for Registering Interactive Spatial Projection

Jung-Hyun Byun (Yonsei University), Hyocheol Ro (Yonsei university) and Tack-Don Han (Yonsei university)

Bursting the Bubble: Tool for Awareness and Research about Overpersonalization in Information Access Systems

Antrea Chrysanthou (Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems & Emerging Technologies), Pinar Barlas (Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems & Emerging Technologies), Kyriakos Kyriakou (Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems & Emerging Technologies), Dr. Styliani Kleanthous Loizou (Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency, Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems & Emerging Technologies), Jahna Otterbacher (Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency, Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems & Emerging Technologies)

Retina: An Extensible Tool for Real-time Analysis

Andreas Costi (VU University Amsterdam), Marios Belk (Cognitive UX GmbH), Christos Fidas (University of Patras), Argyris Constantinides (Cognitive UX Ltd) and Andreas Pitsillides (University of Cyprus)

Exploring Music Collections: An Interactive Dimensionality Reduction Approach to Visualizing Songbanks

Oscar Alejandro Gomez (New York University Abu Dhabi), Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli (New York University Abu Dhabi), Leonid Kuzmenko (New York University Abu Dhabi) and Carlos Guedes (New York University Abu Dhabi)

Magician: Towards Automating UI Design Process

Jiajing Guo (Schlumbeger), Zhen Li (Schlumbeger), Zhenghao Ju (Schlumbeger), Monisha Manoharan (Schlumbeger) and Adelle Knight (Schlumbeger)

Pan: Conversational Agent for Criminal Investigations

Sam Hepenstal (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory)

DUES-Adapt: Exploring Distributed User Experience With Neural UI Adaptation

Ran Ju (Huawei Technologies), Xingchen Zhou (Huawei Technologies), Bo Xu (Huawei Technologies), Weiqing Liang (Huawei Technologies), Wanyi Yang (Huawei Technologies), Yuan Cao (Huawei Technologies), Eryan Zhang (Huawei Technologies), Ronggen Li (Huawei Technologies), Yinghao Li (Huawei Technologies), Ning Ding (Huawei Technologies), Li Li (Huawei Technologies) and Ru Zhang and Dongliang Liu (Huawei Technologies)

Giving Faces to Data: Creating Data-Driven Personas from Personified Big Data

Soon-Gyo Jung (Hamad Bin Khalifa University), Joni Salminen (Hamad Bin Khalifa University) and Shammur Absar Chowdhury (Qatar Computing Research Institute)

Enhancing Travel Experience Leveraging on-line and off-line Users' Behaviour Data

David Massimo (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano), Francesco Ricci (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)

An Adaptive Agent-Based Interface for Personalized Health Interventions

Sharon A Mozgai (ICT), Arno Hartholt (USC Institute for Creative Technologies), Albert Rizzo (University of Southern California)

XAIT: An Interactive Website for Explainable AI for Text

Erick Oduor (IBM Research Africa), Kun Qian (IBM Research - Almaden), Yunyao Li (IBM Research) and Lucian Popa (IBM Research - Almaden)

On evaluating the effects of feedback for Sign language learning using Explainable AI

Prajwal Paudyal (Arizona State University), Ayan Banerjee (Arizona State University) and Sandeep Gupta (Arizona State University)

Exploration Interface for Jointly Visualised Text and Graph Data

Tim Repke (University of Potsdam) and Ralf Krestel (University of Potsdam)

An Intelligent Interface for Automatic Grading of Sketched Free Body Diagrams

Matthew Runyon (Texas A&M University), Blake Williford (Texas A&M University), Julie Linsey (Georgia Institute of Technology) and Tracy Hammond (Texas A&M University)

Kart-ON: Using Mobile Phones Intelligently for Affordable Early Programming Education

Alpay Sabuncuo (Koç University), T. Metin Sezgin (Koc University)

The SportSense User Interface for Holistic Tactical Performance Analysis in Football

Philipp Seidenschwarz (Bern University of Applied Sciences), Adalsteinn Jonsson (University of Basel), Michael Plüss (University of Basel), Martin Rumo (Bern University of Applied Sciences), Lukas Probst (University of Basel) and Heiko Schuldt (University of Basel)

Ring-based Finger Tracking Using Capacitive Sensing

Mathias Wilhelm (TU Berlin), Jan-Peter Lechler (TU Berlin), Daniel Krakowczyk (TU Berlin) and Ahin Albayrak (Technical University of Berlin)

Dynamic Video Tag Cloud: A Cooking Support System for Recipe Short Videos

Takuya Yonezawa (Kwansei Gakuin University), Yuanyuan Wang (Yamaguchi University), Yukiko Kawai (Kyoto Sangyo University) and Kazutoshi Sumiya (Kwansei Gakuin University)


AI-Based 360-degree Video Generation from Monocular Video for Immersive Experience

Kazuma Asano (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Ryota Suzuki (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Yue Qiu (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) and Yutaka Satoh (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Voice Puppetry: Speech Synthesis Adventures in Human Centred AI

Matthew Peter Aylett (CereProc Ltd.) and Yolanda Vazquez-Alvarez (CereProc Ltd.)

Musical and Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Fabio Catania (Politecnico di Milano), Giorgio De Luca (Politecnico di Milano), Nicola Bombaci (Politecnico di Milano), Erica Colombo (Politecnico di Milano), Pietro Crovari (Politecnico di Milano), Eleonora Beccaluva (Politecnico di Milano) and Franca Garzotto (Politecnico di Milano)

Exploiting a large-scale Knowledge Graph for Qestion Generation in Food Preference Interview System

Jie Zeng (Seikei University) and Yukiko I. Nakano (Seikei University)

A Multimodal Meeting Browser that Implements an Important Utterance Detection Model based on Multimodal Information

Fumio Nihei (Seikei University) and Yukiko I. Nakano (Seikei University)

Are we friends or enemies? Let's ask thy neighbour

Roshni Chakraborty (Aalborg University) and Nilotpal Chakraborty (Aalborg University)

Real-time Integrated Human Activity Recognition System based on Multimodal User Understanding

Jun-Ho Choi (Yonsei University), Kyungmin Kim (Yonsei University), Taejin Park (Yonsei University), Junho Yun (Korea University), Jong-Hwan Lee (Korea University), Songkuk Kim (Yonsei University), Hyunjung Shim (Yonsei University) and Jong-Seok Lee (Yonsei University)

Evaluation of Educational Graph Creation Tool based on Natural Mathematical Description

Tetsuo Fukui (Mukogawa Women's University)

Intelligent monitoring applications for Industry 4.0

Cristina Gena (Università di Torino), Fabiana Vernero (University of Turin), Davide Brunetti (University of Turin), Mirko Lai (University of Turin), Rosa Meo (University of Turin)

Visualizing Semantic Analysis of Document Data with Time and Importance through an Interactive Exploratory System

Jaejong Ho (Ajou University), Hyeonsik Gong (Ajou University) and Kyungwon Lee (AJou university)

CrowdForest : A Visualization Tool for Opinion Sharing based-on Semantic Figurative Metaphors

Eun Jeong Kang (Sogang University) and Cin Young Hur (Linewalks)

Concentration Estimation in E-Learning Based on Learner's Facial Reaction to Teacher's Action


Optimal Arrangement of Surveillance Cameras Using Space Division and a Genetic Algorithm

Yuya Komabashiri (Osaka University), Tomohiro Mashita (Osaka Univercity), Photchara Ratsamee (Osaka Univercity), Yuki Uranishi (Osaka Univercity), Masahide Koike (Mitsubishi Electric), and Kiyoyasu Maruyama (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)

Someone really wanted that song but it was not me! (Evaluating Which Information to Disclose in Explanations for Group Recommendations)

Shabnam Najafian (Delft University of Technology), Oana Inel (Delft University of Technology) and Nava Tintarev (TU Delft)

Towards Naturally Responsive Spoken Dialog Systems by Modelling Pragmatic-Prosody Correlations of Discourse Markers

Anindita Nath (University of Texas at El Paso)

Using augmented reality and ontologies to co-design assistive technologies in smart homes

Hélène Pigot (Université de Sherbrooke), Sylvain Giroux (Université de Sherbrooke), Corentin Haidon (Université de Sherbrooke) and Hubert Kenfack Ngankam (Université de Sherbrooke)

Measuring Mental Effort via Entropy in VR

Daniel Reinhardt (Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg), Jörn Hurtienne (Julius-Maximilians-Universität) and Carolin Wienrich (University Würzburg)

Training a Chatbot with Microsoft LUIS: Effect of Intent Imbalance on Prediction Accuracy

Elayne Ruane (University College Dublin), Robert Young (University College Dublin), Anthony Ventresque (University College Dublin)

Generating Heatmap for Unknown Documents Towards Readability Measurement

Jayasankar Santhosh (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), Shoya Ishimaru (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) and Andreas Dengel (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)

Towards Robust Speech Interfaces for the ISS

Hans-Christian Schmitz (Fraunhofer FKIE), Frank Kurth (Fraunhofer FKIE), Kevin Wilkinghoff (Fraunhofer FKIE), Uwe Müllerschkowski (Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH for ESA), Christian Karrasch (German Aerospace Center DLR) and Volker Schmid (German Aerospace Center DLR)

Blu: What GUIs are made of

Vinoth Pandian Sermuga Pandian (Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information and Technology FIT), Sarah Suleri (RWTH Aachen University), Prof. Dr. Matthias Jarke (RWTH Aachen University)

Syn: Synthetic Dataset for Training UI Element Detector From Lo-Fi Sketches

Vinoth Pandian Sermuga Pandian (Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information and Technology FIT), Sarah Suleri (RWTH Aachen University) and Prof. Dr. Matthias Jarke (RWTH Aachen University)

The Influence of Input Data Complexity on Crowdsourcing Quality

Christopher Tauchmann (TU Darmstadt), Johannes Daxenberger (TU Darmstadt) and Margot Mieskes (University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt)

Detecting Learner Drowsiness Based on Facial Expressions and Head Movements in Online Courses

Shogo Terai (Osaka University), Shizuka Shirai (Osaka University), Mehrasa Alizadeh (Osaka University), Ryosuke Kawamura (FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD.), Noriko Takemura (Osaka University), Yuki Uranishi (Osaka Univercity), Haruo Takemura (Osaka Univercity) and Hajime Nagahara (Osaka University)

An Interactive Approach to Bias Identification in a Machine Teaching Task

Tara Tressel (Element Ai), Claudel Rheault (Element Ai) and Masha Krol (Element Ai)

Reflecting the automated vehicle’s perception and intention

Marc Wilbrink (German Aerospace Center), Anna Schieben (DLR) and Michael Oehl (German Aerospace Center)

Deep Unsupervised Activity Visualization using Head and Eye Movements

Jumpei Yamashita (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), Yoshiaki Takimoto (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), Hidetaka Koya (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), Haruo OISHI (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone) and Takatsune Kumada (Kyoto University)