IUI 2019 - Conference Program

March 16th, Saturday

5-9pm Reception
at University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute

March 17th, Sunday

Sierra I & II
7:30-9am Registration
9-9:30am Welcome and Opening Plenary


Michelle Zhou, Juji, Inc
Michelle Zhou

Juji, Inc

10:45-11:15am Coffee Break
11:15-12:15pm Panel -- Fostering Women Entrepreneurship
12:15-2pm Lunch (on your own) + Fostering Women Entrepreneurship Lunch (location: TBD)
Sierra I & II Pacific I & II Pacific III

Explainable AI I

What can AI do for me: Evaluating Machine Learning Interpretations in Cooperative Play (long)

I can do better than your AI: Expertise and Explanations (long)

Explainability Scenarios: Towards Scenario-based XAI Design (short)

The Effects of Example-Based Explanations in a Machine Learning Interface (short)

Automated Rationale Generation: a Technique for Explainable AI and its Effects on Human Perceptions (long)

Agent-based IUIs

Digital Survivor of Sexual Assault (long)

Induction of an active attitude by short speech reaction time toward interaction for decision-making with multiple agents (short)

Intelligent Assistants for Mediation Analysis in Visual Analytics (short)

Who Should Be My Teammates: Using A Conversational Agent to Understand Individual Differences and Help Teaming (long)

BigBlueBot: Teaching Strategies for Successful Human-Agent Interactions (long)

Automated Driving

Improving Take-Over Quality in Automated Driving By Interrupting Non-Driving Tasks (long)

Assessing Public Perception of Self-Driving Cars: the Autonomous Vehicle Acceptance Model (long)

A Context-Dependent Analysis of Automated Driving to Elaborate Requirements for Intelligent User Interfaces (long)

S(C)ENTINEL - Monitoring Automated Vehicles with Olfactory Reliability Displays (long)

3:30-4:00pm Coffee Break

Explainable AI II

Explaining Models: An Empirical Study of How Explanations Impact Fairness Judgment (long)

What Data Should I Protect? A Recommender and Impact Analysis Design to Assist Decision Making (long)

Decision Making Strategies Differ in the Presence of Collaborative Explanations: Two Conjoint Studies (long)

Multi-Modal Interfaces & Experience Transfer

MyoSign: Enabling End-to-End Sign Language Recognition with Wearables (long)

Discovering Natural Language Commands in Multimodal Interfaces (long)

Inspiration Driven Experience Transfer (long)

Assistive IUIs

Scene Text Access: A Comparison of Mobile OCR Modalities for Blind Users (long) Guided Play: Digital Sensing and Coaching for Stereotypical Play Behavior in Children with Autism (long) Learning to Assess the Quality of Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises (long)

5-5:15pm Break
5:15-7pm Student Consortium 1 Student Consortium 2 Student Consortium 3

March 18th, Monday

Sierra I & II
7:30-8:30am Registration


Dave Gunning, DARPA I2O
Dave Gunning


9:45-10:15 Coffee Break
10:15-11:15am Most Impactful paper panel
11:15-1pm Lunch (on your own) + Steering committee lunch (location: TBD)
Sierra I & II Pacific I & II Pacific III

Explanations in Recommender Systems

Personalized Explanations for Hybrid Recommender Systems (long)

Explaining Recommendations in an Interactive Hybrid Social Recommender (short)

To Explain or not to Explain: the Effects of Personal Characteristics when Explaining Music Recommendations (long)

The Effect of Explanations and Algorithmic Accuracy on Visual Recommender Systems of Artistic Images (long)

User-Adaptive IUIs

RL-KLM: Automating Keystroke-level Modeling with Reinforcement Learning (short)

TiiS: Proactive Information Retrieval by Inferring Search Intent from Primary Task Context

Transformer: A Database-Driven Approach to Generating Forms for Constrained Interaction (long)

SearchLens: Composing and Capturing Complex User Interests for Exploratory Search (long)

Trust in Automation

TiiS: A Classification Model for Sensing Human Trust in Machines Using EEG and GSR

TiiS: The Effect of Culture on Trust in Automation: Reliability and Workload

Do I Trust My Machine Teammate? An Investigation from Perception to Decision (long)

Effects of the Source of Advice and Decision Task on Decisions to Request Expert Advice (long)

2:20-2:50pm Coffee Break

Affective & Aesthetic IUIs

Paralinguistic Recommendations for Affective Word Clouds (long)

Does Emotion Influence the Use of Auto-suggest during Smartphone Typing? (short)

Prediction of Music Pairwise Preferences from Facial Expressions (long)

Piano Genie (short)

Recommender Systems

Evaluating Narrative-Driven Movie Recommendations on Reddit (long)

Intelligently Recommending Key Bindings on Physical Keyboards with Demonstrations in Emacs (short)

Rasch-based Tailored Goals for Nutrition Assistance Systems (long)

SAM: A Modular Framework for Self-Adapting Web Menus (short)

IUIs for Wearable/Mobile

Background Perception and Comprehension of Symbols Conveyed through Vibrotactile Wearable Displays (long)

Community-Empowered Mobile Smell Reporting System (long)

Towards a Generalizable Method for Detecting Fluid Intake with Wrist-Mounted Sensors and Adaptive Segmentation (short)

ShopEye: Fusing RFID and Smartwatch for Multi-relation Excavation in Physical stores (long)

4-4:20pm Break
4:20-4:45pm Poster Madness
4:45-5:15pm Townhall Meeting
6-8pm Poster and Demo Reception

March 19th, Tuesday

Sierra I & II
7:30-9:00am Registration


Ashwin Ram, Google Cloud
Ashwin Ram

Google Cloud

10:15-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-11:45am Panel -- Hype or Hope: AI Meets Humans in the Real World
11:15-1:30pm Lunch (on your own)
Sierra I & II Pacific I & II Pacific III

Interactive Machine Learning I

Towards Rapid Interactive Machine Learning: Evaluating Tradeoffs of Classification without Representation (long)

Where can my career take me? Harnessing Dialogue for Interactive Career Goal Recommendations (long)

Towards Human-Guided Machine Learning (long)

TiiS: A Review of User Interface Design for Interactive Machine Learning

Intelligent Visualization

StoryPrint: an Interactive Visualization of Stories (long)

Vulnerable to Misinformation? Verifi! (long)

Visualizing authorship and contribution of collaborative writing in e-learning environments (short)

The Role of User Differences in Customization: A Case Study in Personalization for Infovis-Based Content (long)

Augmented & Mixed Reality

Analyzing User’s Task-Driven Interaction in Mixed Reality (short)

PATI: A Projection-based Augmented Table-Top Interface for Robot Programming (long)

Walking with Adaptive Augmented Reality Workspaces: Design and Usage Patterns (long)

Cross-Platform Immersive Web Browsing for Online 3D Neuron Database Exploration (long)

2:50-3:20pm Coffee Break

Interactive Machine Learning II

TiiS: A Visual Approach for Interactive Keyterm-based Clustering

TiiS: A Human-in-the-loop System for Sound Event Detection and Annotation

Peripheral Vision: A New Killer App for Smart Glasses (long)

Investigating the Feasibility of Finger Identification on Capacitive Touchscreens using Deep Learning (long)

Collaborative Interfaces I

Photo Sleuth: Combining Human Expertise and Face Recognition to Identify Historical Portraits (long)

Popup: Reconstructing 3D Video Using Particle Filtering to Aggregate Crowd Responses (long)

Assisting Group Activity Analysis through Hand Detection and Identification in Multiple Egocentric Videos (short)

Explainable Modeling of Annotations in Crowdsourcing (short)

Evaluation of IUIs

When People and Algorithms Meet: Assessing User-reported Problems to Inform Support in Intelligent Everyday Applications (long)

Progressive Disclosure: Designing for Effective Transparency (long)

Supporting job mediator and job seeker through an actionable dashboard (long)

TiiS: Seven Metrics that Matter when Modeling Expert Sketching Ability

4:40-5:10pm Coffee Break

Natural Language & Speech

Vajra: Step-by-step programming with natural language (long)

Inferencing Underspecified Natural Language Utterances in Visual Analysis (long)

Empathic Dialogue System based on Emotions Extracted from Tweets (short)

Collaborative Interfaces II

TiiS: Crowdsourcing Ground Truth for Medical Relation Extraction

TiiS: Evaluation and Refinement of Clustered Search Results with the Crowd

CoSummary: Adaptive Fast-Forwarding for Surgical Videos by Detecting Collaborative Scenes Using Hand Regions and Gaze Positions (long)

Big Data and Analytics

Atlas: Local Graph Exploration in a Global Context (long)

Flux Capacitors for JavaScript DeLoreans: Approximate Caching for Physics-based Data Interaction (long)

Avoiding Drill-down Fallacies with VisPilot: Assisted Exploration of Data Subsets (long)

Walk to Banquet Room
6:30-9 PM Award Ceremony and Conference Banquet

March 20th, Wednesday


More information is coming soon.