Best Paper Award

"UI X-Ray: Interactive Mobile UI Testing Based on Computer Vision"

Chun-Fu Chen, Marco Pistoia, Conglei Shi, Paolo Girolami, Joseph Ligman, Yong Wang

Best Student Paper Award

"CogniLearn: A Deep Learning-based Interface for Cognitive Behavior Assessment"

Srujana Gattupalli, Dylan Ebert, Michalis Papakostas, Fillia Makedon, Vassilis Athitsos

Most Influential Paper Award

"Trust in Recommender Systems"

John O'Donovan, Barry Smyth

Best Paper

Honourable Mention

"Don't Just Swipe Left, Tell Me Why: Enhancing Gesture-based Feedback with Reason Bins"

Juan Beltran, Ziqi Huang, Azza Abouzied, Arnab Nandi

Best Paper

Honourable Mention

"Social Intelligence Modeling using Wearable Devices"

Alaeddine Mihoub, Grégoire Lefebvre

Best Student Paper

Honourable Mention

"DyFAV: Dynamic Feature Selection and Voting for real-time recognition of fingerspelled alphabet using wearables"

Prajwal Paudyal, Junghyo Lee, Ayan Banerjee, Sandeep Gupta

Best Student Paper

Honourable Mention

"Help, It Looks Confusing: GUI Task Automation Through Demonstration and Follow-up Questions"

Thanapong Intharah, Daniyar Turmukhambetov, Gabriel Brostow