Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces


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Exploiting Big Data

  • Mark Graus

Modeling Characteristics of Location from User Photos

  • Vikas Kumar, Saeideh Bakhshi, Lyndon Kennedy, David A. Shamma

Intelligent User Interfaces for Social Music Discovery and Exploration of Large-scale Music Repositories

  • Markus Schedl

Personality-Based Personalization

  • Markus Schedl

Game-Based Extraction of Web Users' Personality Factors for Personalization

  • Rachel Yahel Halfon, Onn Shehory, David G. Schwartz

Personalizing Online Educational Tools

  • Michael J. Lee, Bruce Ferwerda

Research Methodology

  • Bruce Ferwerda

Personalized Gaming for Motivating Social and Behavioral Science Participation

  • Casper Harteveld, Steven C. Sutherland

Building Physical Props for Imagining Future Recommender Systems

  • Peter Knees, Kristina Andersen