Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

SmartLearn '17

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  • Ilknur Celik, Ilaria Torre

Intelligent Interfaces for Open Social Student Modeling

  • Peter Brusilovsky

Intelligent Systems and Technologies for Augmented Learning

  • Ilknur Celik

Supporting Knowledge Sharing and Learning via Semantic Geographical Maps

  • Liliana Ardissono, Noemi Mauro, Adriano Savoca

Virtual Reality for Special Educational Needs

  • Alberto Buzio, Mario Chiesa, Riccardo Toppan

Conceptual Motivation Modeling for Students with Dyslexia for Enhanced Assistive Learning

  • Ruijie Wang, Liming Chen, Ivar Solheim, Trenton Schulz, Aladdin Ayesh

Integrating Social Media into an Instructional Design Support System

  • Ilknur Celik, Ilaria Torre, Simone Torsani

SESSION: Smart and Pervasive Interfaces

  • Ilaria Torre

Sensor-based Methodological Observations for Studying Online Learning

  • Ashley A. Edwards, Anthony Massicci, Srinivas Sridharan, Joe Geigel, Linwei Wang, Reynold Bailey, Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm

Designing a System for Playful Coached Learning in the STEM Curriculum

  • Oliver Korn, Adrian Rees, Alan Dix

A Questionnaire-based Case Study on Feedback by a Tangible Interface

  • Dimitra Anastasiou, Eric Ras