Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

SmartObject '17

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Keynote Address

From IoT to WoT: Can We Reproduce the Success of HTML for Smart Environments

  • Stefan Radomski

Smart Car

The W3C MMI Architecture in the Context of the Smart Car

  • Dirk Schnelle-Walka, Stefan Radomski

In-vehicle Human Machine Interface: An Approach to Enhance Eco-Driving Behaviors

  • Pietro Di Lena, Silvia Mirri, Catia Prandi, Paola Salomoni, Giovanni Delnevo

Smart Surfaces

An Evaluation of Hybrid Stacking on Interactive Tabletops

  • Jan Riemann, Florian Müller, Sebastian Günther, Max Mühlhäuser

BYO*: Utilizing 3D Printed Tangible Tools for Interaction on Interactive Surfaces

  • Sebastian Günther, Martin Schmitz, Florian Müller, Jan Riemann, Max Mühlhäuser

Smart Homes and IoT

Intelligent Visual Interface with the Internet of Things

  • Konstantinos Michalakis, John Aliprantis, George Caridakis

Hot Under the Collar?: Building a Perceptive Home Energy Interface for Chemotherapy Recipients

  • Germaine Irwin