Important Dates

Student Consortium Date

March 17, 2019

Student Consortium

SC 1  Health-related aspects

Chair: Tsvika Kuflik | 5:15-7pm | Sierra I & II

Conversational Technology and Affective Computing for Cognitive Disability
Fabio Catania

Post-laryngectomy interaction restoration system
Konrad ZieliƄski, Ryszard Szamburski, Ewa Machnacz

Augmented reality simulation toward improving therapeutic healthcare communication techniques
Matthew Bonham

Training self-sufficiency and social skills with embodied conversational agent for children with autism
Micol Spitale

SC 2  Human feedback and interaction-based design

Chair: Ilaria Torre | 5:15-7pm | Pacific I & II

Adaptive Suggestions to Increase Learnability for Voice User Interfaces
Chelsea Myers

Online Virtual Standardized Patient for Communication Skills Training
Ali, Mohammad Rafayet

End User Programing of Intelligent Agents Using Demonstrations and Natural Language Instructions
Toby Li

A Modular Framework for Collaborative Multimodal Annotation and Visualization
Chris Kim

SC 3  Novel UIs for recommenders and for the ubiquitous environment

Chair: Jeff Nichols | 5:15-7pm | Pacific III

Recommending Privacy Settings for IoT
Yangyang He

Personal User Interfaces for Recommender Systems
Martijn Millecamp

A Pedestrian Perspective on Autonomous Vehicles
Kai Hollaender

How is Siri Different than GUIs?
James Simpson

SC Mentors

John O'Donovan
Fabio Gasparetti
Yolanda Gil
Heinrich Hussmann
Marko Tkalcic
Michelle Zhou
Henry Lieberman
Giuseppe Riccardi
Fabio Paterno
Andreas Butz
Peter Brusilovsky
Denis Parra